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A Personal Note ... These 2 things stop people the most...

From Lee Armstrong:

Why do so many people STRUGGLE to keep a positive mindset, practice healthy habits, and try NEW strategies that can help them become more wealthy, happy and influential?

It's not because they are not good people.

In fact, they're a lot like you.

They buy books and invest in their growth. They are committed and know they deserve better things in life. 

So what holds them back?


  1. Lack of consistent training and a curriculum to help them advance faster.
  2. Accountability and coaching so they get qualified perspective and real direction and feedback!

In other words...

... They don't know what to do, don't get enough new strategies, and don't have a coach keeping them on track and accountable.

I bet you can relate.

You DEEPLY CARE about reaching the next level of success in your life.

You're the type of person who really wants to earn more, love more, give more, make your mark.

You want high performance in every area of your life because you KNOW, deep down, you're supposed to have a life that isn't boring, riddled with debt, and drained by stress and conflict.

But the truth is...

.... sometimes you get STUCK, right?

Well, I can help you with that by giving you more attention every single month.

In fact, for just $1 right now, I want to get you in and give you the CONSISTENT training and coaching you need to advance FASTER in every area of your life.

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What if you had the same coach as some of the most successful people in life? 

People get ahead because they have coaches and mentors who share new strategies with them and keep them accountable and motivated on the long path to success. Or maybe you just want to understand how to have a more rewarding marriage, how to get along with a "difficult" boss, etc.  Well,...that's what I want to do for you.  Personalized (yet private) help in a group setting.

Previously, I only did LIVE coaching for my individual, in person clients.

But this year, I decided I wanted to help more people.

So, today, you can subscribe and get me LIVE for TWO HOURS EVERY MONTH. And you can "test me out" for $1 right now, deal?

Why might I be a good life or business coach for you?

Here's what others have said...  Dennis shared:


Here's What This is About...

What would happen if we doubled your momentum, focus and confidence by working with me every month?

A few times each year I go LIVE for THOUSANDS of people.

It's like a check-point for people - an ongoing bolt of energy, breakthroughs and new tactical strategies that keep them at the top of their game, enjoying life.

Because you and I both know a lot of people get inspired by one book, or one video, or one insight, then they lose the fire and MOMENTUM as they get back to real life.


And just like athletes need a coach helping them steadily climb to higher levels, so do you.

That's why I'm inviting you into my LIVE monthly training.

  • Every month, I spend 2 HOURS with this group LIVE online.
  • I teach my latest strategies, and then conduct coaching and Q&A. I also give out recognition prizes for people asking great questions and gaining huge progress.
  • Our students report HUGE gains in their motivation, focus and confidence every month. I mean, who else is keeping you fired up, focused, driven to be your ABSOLUTE BEST!?

What You Get

Join Life Coaching with Lee, monthly for $1 now and you receive...


 Live Monthly Broadcasts with Lee!  Every month, I'm LIVE teaching a new framework to help you sustain focus, motivation, confidence and momentum. The focus is always getting you to live your best life. I also answer your questions, give away gifts, and do coaching.

After two months in the program, we'll set you up with a specially focused, additional Certified High Performance Coaching Call!  You'll get this additional free group coaching call that will help you decide your goals for the year and the fastest way to achieve them. (Value of $250 yours FREE!)


Why Am I Doing This?

Because how many successful mentors give you two hours per month? I honestly WISH I had access to something like this as I worked to achieve my dreams...

I want to give you a peek inside how some of the most successful people train themselves for higher performance and success.

You see, I grew up in a small town. I didn't have a lot of opportunity or mentors, other than a few good teachers.

I certainly never had someone who helped run a large, successful business with an international outreach say,

"Hey, let me keep you motivated and on the right track every month. Let me give you the psychological and performance edge LIVE, every month, where you can ask me questions and get ahead & solve your problems much quicker."

But I want to do that for you.

I've been blessed to achieve so many of my dreams. And I'm at the stage now where I just want to mentor other people.

That's why I want you to join my LIVE mentoring program, called Life Coaching with Lee, monthly.

Now, to be clear, you have to really care about your personal development to do this.

My Monthly program is usually $47 every month. So, yes, this $1 trial & 60% OFF limited test discount is sort of crazy.

But I wanted to do something special for you.

I want to invite you to try it out.

Yes, for just $1 right now. 

  • For $1, you can get into the program for 7 days. 
  • That gets you access to the last THREE MONTHS of training we did. 
  • Meaning, you can go watch the last 3 months of my training right now.
  • If it's not for you, ask for your $1 back. Or...
  • You can stay for our next LIVE online training. And you can ask questions and participate and grow.

Don't worry - if you can't make it to the LIVE training with me, you'll get the recordings in your member's area.

All for just $1 trial the next 7 days.

If you don't cancel, then we assume you're loving it, and we'll keep you and you will be automatically billed just $19.95 per month (normally $47/mo.) just like every one of our committed students.

So, this is a $1 trial for 7 days, then it goes to just $19.95 per month and you get me training you every month LIVE for TWO HOURS, plus you get the recordings.

It's a huge deal.  I've spent nearly 40 years helping thousands of people with various life and business issues and now trained thousands in higher levels of success and joy.

But I want YOU to be the judge. 

So, click the button below to begin your $1 trial.  

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Listen - this is over TWO HOURS of training every month for you, LIVE, with someone who has successfully coached people through literally hundreds of complex issues over the past 40 years!

So signup now for just $1.

If you stay with us past the $1 trial, which is 7 days, then you'll pay the $19.95/month, like everyone else.

And you can cancel anytime!

Yes, really - cancel anytime, by replying to any of our emails and telling us to cancel. It's that easy.

But you know what is NOT easy?

Getting ahead in life without new strategies and a coach to keep you accountable.

You know you need some new approaches to getting ahead because you've come as far as you can - you've done great but now you're ready for the NEXT LEVEL.

If you want that next level, you need the next level of mentor. 

I'd love to be one of those mentors for you.

I've been blessed to train many great influencers, earn plenty of income, and give and serve at levels I never imagined.

So that's why I'm giving this to you for $1.

Trust me with the $1, and I'll work hard to earn it times 1000x. 

Signup now and go watch one of the previous 3 months of Life Coaching with Lee training and you'll realize this is worth so much more than the $1.

The $1 is just sort of a symbol of your commitment.

So, you're game for this, right?

$1 gets you two hours of LIVE training with me this month, and 3 months worth that you can go watch right now.

And then it gets you membership and an extra goal setting, relationship answers, health & life success & productivity group call valued at $250.

Click the button below and go watch (3 hours) $750 worth of prior Life Coach Training for your $1 trial.

Don't miss this opportunity - it's a one-time offer only & seats are limited.

Let's do this and let's change your life, every month, together.

Yes, I'd like the $1 Trial

$1 to enjoy a full 7 days.
$19.95/month billed automatically after,
unless you cancel by replying to any of our emails.






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