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Get Principles That Work For You!

Discover time tested, proven methods to help you balance your life - 40 years of success leaves clues and here are yo...

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Give Your Input for future subjects.

Just click LEARN MORE then scroll down to leave us your input for future subjects, etc.  We really appreciate yo...

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What's A Real Man - 3 Part Video Mini-Series.

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Wondering About The Future? - Documentary

Specific, verifiable signs appearing in America - Seemingly "saying to us" that change... FREE initial insights from ...

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Free Video Series - How To Be Happy

Just click the link BELOW for INSTANT Access to your Free Video Series.  Do NOT click the Purchase Offer button ...

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Ministry's Not Easy - Book & Kindle on Amazon - Access

The hard-won lessons of 40 years of dealing with people while growing from a home church to over 7,000 people in loca...

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FREE Help For Leaders/Pastors - PDF Report & More...

DO YOU KNOW WHY 1,500 LEADERS/PASTORS ARE QUITTING EACH MONTH? Get insight from 2 pastors/pilot with over 60 years o...

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All About Funerals.

Get access to two powerful training videos on this subject and a great, helpful book by Lee Armstrong by clicking the...

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Your 10 Keys Below

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Phone Group Coaching

See how you can have fun while implementing these 10 Proven Keys alongside others & get specific help via phone a...

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Free Help For Pastors & Leaders

PLEASE NOTE: IF,... you have NOT already seen the Outstanding 3-Part Video Series on Growth & Avoiding Burnout by...

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Dealing With Death God's Way.

Enjoy our Free Video Overview of the Book: Dealing With Death God's Way,... then - - - If being "prepared" or helpin...

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FREE "How To Be Happy" Video Series.  Get proven, effective advice from two men who have helped thousands over 60 years find greater happiness in life!  Plus, a PDF Summary of Key points & a personality tool to help you!  All Free.