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Work/Life Balance - Keys Revealed!

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Hosted by:  Lee Armstrong - After over 40 years of successful, international growth,  Lee speaks and shares his simple practices that have kept his 30+ year married life, family & very demanding work - All properly balanced, still growing & joy-filled!


1st - What is balance?

How would you define balance, what is it REALLY & is it even possible?

What is success?

What does a successful life look like? Is it primarily financial, relational...?

How to Finish Well!

What is the role of saying "No" - with no guilt and complete integrity?

Garner a perspective from many years of tough lessons learned and valuable "seasoning"

Gain insight from over 40 years of experience! No need to repeat the mistakes of others or take the "hard path" - Discover simple methods that work to build & sustain you, your work & your family - for long-term, no regrets success!

Plus, following our question/answer time after the webinar - because we have a "heart" for those involved in helping others, we have an exciting post-webinar announcement & giveaway we look forward to sharing with you.

Get The Work/Life Balance Keys Applicable To Any Business / Industry or Ministry.

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